CLM Credentials

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Covenant Life Ministries (CLM) offers three levels of credentials which are license, ordination and church or ministry affiliation. Generally, ordination is granted to those employed in a full-time ministry position, although a person serving as a pastor of a church would be considered for ordination even if the position is not full-time.

A church or ministry affiliation brings the organization under the IRS exemption granted to CLM. An annual financial statement is required from the church or ministry desiring to be covered under this exemption.

All credentials granted must be renewed annually. Credentials may be recalled or cancelled for immoral or unchristian conduct.

The applicant should include a current photo with the application.

There is also a $125 fee due with the application for credentials (or renewal). If the application or renewal is declined the fee will be refunded minus a $25 processing fee. If credentials are granted, a Certificate of Ordination or a Certificate of License, suitable for framing will be mailed to the minister.

Monthly support to CLM: If a percentage of undesignated receipts, a monthly contribution from the church or the Senior Pastor tithes to CLM then the credential fees of staff members from that church are waived.
Application (Affiliation)
Churches/Ministries: CLM Church/Ministry Affiliation (pdf) here. Pastors/Ministers: ... more

Application (Renewal)
Churches/Ministers: CLM Church/Ministry Affiliation Renewal Application (pdf) here. ... more